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Code of Ethics

As an organization of Hawaii public insurance adjusters serving consumers throughout the islands, HPIAA has established a code of ethics to ensure professional, ethical business practices HPIAA members must be licensed Hawaii public insurance adjusters and must abide by our strict code of ethics.

Our code of ethics states that all HPIAA members:

• Must conduct themselves professionally, in a businesslike manner whether they're dealing with clients, insurance company representatives, other HPIAA members, legislators, or the general public

• Must not misrepresent themselves or make false statements of any kind while serving as a public adjuster

• Must not engage in the unauthorized practice of the law

• Must refrain from improper solicitation

• Must adhere to all continuing education requirements set forth by Hawaii Insurance Code

• Must cooperate and assist other HPIAA members

• Must set fair and equitable rates, fees, and commissions in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Hawaii Insurance Code

• Must avoid conflict of interest. HPIAA members may not, directly or indirectly, participate in any way, except as allowed by Hawaii Insurance Code, in the repair, restoration, or reconstruction of a policyholder's damaged property.

• Must accept work only when they are qualified to provide the required services. When a claim requires additional expertise, all HPIAA members are obligated to obtain competent assistance as needed to ensure that policyholders are served to the highest standards and that the public insurance adjusting industry is not harmed by substandard service.

• Must ensure that all advertising, agreements, contracts, and other forms of communication comply with the Hawaii Insurance Code

• Must not spread harmful or disrespectful information, in any format or medium, that could harm the reputation or lead to criticism of the public insurance adjusting industry or public adjusters