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Top 7 Insurance Settlement Tips

As an insurance policyholder, filing an insurance claim isn't a routine part of your life. As such, should catastrophe strike, it's not surprising that you may be baffled by the claims and settlement process. We've put together an important list of insurance settlement tips to help you pursue fair compensation that covers all of your losses.

  1. Know your rights. You do not have to accept whatever the insurance company says is entitled to you; you can get a second opinion. Have a public insurance adjuster review your claim before cashing that settlement check.
  2. Know your responsibilities. As the policyholder, do you know who is responsible for reporting and proving your losses? It's you. The more thorough you are in this task, the higher your final settlement is likely to be. In other words, if you don't find discover and prove a loss, you can't expect your insurance company to pay for it.
  3. Document everything. If you don't have a digital camera, now's the time to invest in one. Use it to photograph or videotape all damaged items and structures and anything else that can support your claim.
  4. Ask questions. Whether you don't understand a term your insurance company uses or think an estimate is way too low, asking questions can clarify the situation or politely remind an inexperienced adjuster that Hawaiian costs are traditionally higher than on the mainland.
  5. Fill out all paperwork accurately and completely. Insurance paperwork can be confusing. However, it's important to fill it out completely as any incomplete information could give your insurance company a legitimate reason for delay. If you don't understand a question on the form, take the time to call your insurance company for clarification. If an item doesn't apply to you, enter "not applicable" into the corresponding field.
  6. Don't give up, even if your claim has been denied. Claim denials aren't necessarily the end of the story. Though your insurance company may say your claim is invalid, it could be a simple matter to correct. Always have a public adjuster review a denied claim to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.
  7. Use a Hawaii Public Insurance Adjusters Association member. Our members are licensed public insurance adjusters who abide by a strict code of professional conduct. By law, public insurance adjusters are paid a small percentage of your final settlement, and never upfront, making our services both affordable and risk-free. With recent research suggesting that public adjusters increase settlements by an average of 547 percent, you have the potential for large gains at minimal risk. 


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