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3 Signs You Should Join HPIAA

If you're a public insurance adjuster in Hawaii, we urge you to join HPIAA. Not sure if the Hawaii Public Insurance Adjusters Association is for you? Here are three signs that you need to join:

  1. You're concerned about the image of the public insurance adjusting profession. By joining HPIAA, you're joining an association that is actively taking steps to raise awareness about our profession and educate policyholders about their rights. Our high standards of professional conduct may be strict, but they also serve a higher purpose in improving the public insurance adjusting industry in Hawaii.


  1. You're concerned about potential legislation that could adversely affect policyholders and consumers. We share your concerns and are committed to being a strong voice for both the profession as well as for consumers and policyholders. Our message is compelling, and it will be heard. Join HPIAA and help us to better protect our clients.
  1. You occasionally feel isolated as a public adjuster in Hawaii. Even in large U.S. cities, public adjusters can feel isolated as colleagues may be few and far between. In Hawaii, small, the nature of the islands adds another potential barrier. By joining HPIAA, you are joining a network of like-minded colleagues that meet regularly and work toward a common goal.


Do you recognize yourself in any of these three signs? Download a membership application and join HPIAA today.