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Why does Hawaii need its own association for public insurance adjusters?

Many HPIAA members are also members of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. Just as individual states have their own governments, we believe state associations are also needed to ensure that local issues are addressed.

Why is HPIAA open only to public insurance adjusters?

Because we focus on the issues affecting the public insurance adjusting profession. While we appreciate the hard work that other professionals do, our mission is tightly focused and our membership criteria reflects that.

I'm an insurance attorney in Hawaii, can I join HPIAA?

Like some public insurance adjusters associations, we may occasionally allow hand-selected consumer advocates to join. This is rarely done, but we do reserve the right to consider those who can contribute to our cause on a case-by-case basis.

A non-HPIAA member recently offered to handle my claim. Why should I use a HPIAA member over a non-member?

We're not saying that the other adjuster isn't good. In fact, the adjuster may be an excellent candidate for our membership. If you are comfortable with the public adjuster's qualifications, conduct, and record of service, you'll likely have a pleasant experience. If not, consider using a HPIAA member as our members have met our strict membership criteria and are committed to upholding our high standards.

Will my insurance company penalize me for using a public insurance adjuster?

Most insurance companies are accustomed to working with public insurance adjusters and many welcome our help. Some prefer working with us as we share common industry knowledge and terminology, making everyone's job easier. You won't be chastised or otherwise penalized for bringing in your own representative.

How is it possible for a public adjuster to increase the size of my claim?

Public adjusters know what to look for and are extremely thorough – nothing goes uninspected. Whereas insurance company adjusters may be rushed, especially in times of widespread damage, public insurance adjusters work for you and take the time to do the job correctly.

Do public insurance adjusters help with denials?

Yes. Most public insurance adjusters will be happy to review your claim, policy, and denial letter. Oftentimes, denials can be successfully turned around with the skills of a public adjuster on your side.