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Hawaii Public Insurance Adjusters Association

The Hawaii Public Insurance Adjusters Association (HPIAA) was founded with a mission of helping Hawaiian insurance policyholders understand their policies and receive full and fair compensation for their covered insurance losses.

How the Hawaii Public Insurance Adjusters Association Helps Public Insurance Adjusters

Our members are licensed public insurance adjusters committed to serving the public. Guided by a strict code of ethics, HPIAA members meet regularly to share ideas on how to improve the public insurance adjusting profession. Discounts on professional conferences and seminars, private forums, research, marketing opportunities, and networking events are among the many benefits of joining HPIAA. In short, we equip public adjusters with the tools and resources to take their careers to the next level.

How HPIAA Helps Consumers

The public adjusting profession, by definition, helps policyholders receive fair compensation for their insurance losses. However, our profession isn't widely understood. In fact, many policyholders are unaware that we exist! HPIAA sponsors numerous outreach initiatives to educate the public about their rights and options.

Homeowners and business owners dealing with insurance claims look to us for recommendations. By choosing a HPIAA member, they know that their public insurance adjuster has met our strict standards for professional conduct.

Why Use a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Public adjusters are independent professionals that work exclusively for policyholders, not insurance companies. With the policyholder's best interests driving all processes, the public adjuster handles all aspects of the claim including:

This expert help relieves stress and can lead to a significantly higher final settlement check. The burden of proof will always be on policyholders, yet few are equipped to adequate make the case proving their losses. Fortunately, public adjusters have the expertise and commitment to find, document, and prove property losses. 

Types of Insurance Claims Public Adjusters Work On

Public adjusters help Hawaiian policyholders with a variety of claims including:

Whether you're an insurance policyholder or a public insurance adjuster, we invite you to explore our website and learn more about our organization.